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Are you looking for a professional driver who has the experience to handle any road? Do you want to enjoy a luxury experience during a special event? Look no further than LiveryAccess! At Livery Access, we know the value of professional drivers. All our drivers are independent contractors who are professionally licensed and insured and have experience driving on difficult and complex routes. We know that you value your time, so our chauffeurs are always on-time and ready to handle your plans. Whether you want to book a vehicle to get to the airport or you are looking for a ride to a business meeting, we have something that fits your needs. Our large fleet of vehicles mean you will not need to wait for hours before you have the service you expect. It also means we have vehicles available to fit your schedule. Our company focuses on quality and professionalism.


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01 Airport transfers

An airport transfer means you will have a professional chauffeur waiting to pick you up after your flight. You will have a luxury vehicle with the space you need for your bags. You can also book a round-trip for your return flight if you are planning a short-term trip.

Our hourly charters allow you to have a vehicle ready for a set time frame. You can choose one hour or several hours. You pay a set hourly rate based on the vehicle you need for your plans. When you are not in the limo or the vehicle, our professional driver will wait at an appropriate location until you are ready to move onto a new destination.

Planning the perfect date night is not complete until you handle your transportation. Let’s face it, nobody wants their night out with friends or a special someone wasted in public transportation. We offer services for a night out that allow you to give your date or your friends something to remember. You can make the event special without wasting your time waiting for buses or a subway. It also means you can dress up without worrying about ruining your look before you reach your destination.

Your wedding is a one-in-a-lifetime event. You want to make it special. Whether you are the bride and groom or a family member helping out with the plans, you want to make this special day memorable. Part of that process is having transportation for the wedding party. You don’t want your wedding party wasting time trying to find parking or getting lost as they move from the wedding venue to your reception. Our big fleet of vehicles means you can book enough luxury cars for your entire wedding party. Our professional chauffeurs will make sure your entire party arrives at the reception or any other destination.

Corporate events are a concern for any business. You want to make sure that any guests visiting your company are able to make it to the event. You also want to avoid the unfortunate mistake of allowing your guests to get lost when they are coming in from a different location. Our corporate drivers know the value of providing professional and on-time services. They will pick up any guests and help them reach a hotel or your corporate venue. If you are looking for a vehicle for your trip to a corporate event, then you can book a luxury vehicle to pick you up from the airport or to help you get around in an unfamiliar location.