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? How do I make a reservation for a LiveryAccess car?

Its very simple in 3 easy steps:

Step 1 Choose your pickup and drop off destinations

Step 2 Choose the vehicle

Step 3 Finalize your booking reservation and Pay!

Thats it! You are all set for your Ride.

Right now we are on the east coast. Cities that we cover are Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia. But we can take you anywhere you want from the tri state region.

No we don't own any fleet, we have a network of professional drivers, we call them Independent contractors, once we receive a reservation, we dispatch the reservation to one of our professional chaueffers, rest assured you are in safe hands, they are professionally licensed and insured..

Sedan can hold up to 3 bags and SUV can hold upto 5 bags maximum.

We know plans can change, so we've designed an industry-leading cancellation policy that's flexible for our customers and supports our drivers. We won't charge cancellation fees if you cancel the Reservation within 12 hours of booking a reservation. In case if the customer forgets to cancel the reservation and its a last minute thing then we will have to charge you the base rate excluding the gratuity. If you are a loyal customer then we do have the authority and ability to waive it one time.

Once you make a reservation, you give us your phone number. Rest assured we tracked your flight and sent out driver accordingly and the driver will be waiting outside either in the cell phone lot or a designated area provided to them. Driver will make contact with you and they will guide you accordingly. If it is a curbside pickup then most of our curb side pickups are on the 2nd curb under Pickup zones. It makes super easy for the driver to find you if you can also let them know your door number which is normally listed on first door that you exit after claiming your bags/luggage.

A LiveryAccess account allows you to quickly view and manage your current, canceled and completed reservations. It also allows you the ability to edit or cancel any reservations, manage your payment methods and contact information, and most importantly it expedites the booking process.

Yes. We can work with you to customize a travel program that best meets your needs and the needs of your travelers.

We accept all major credit cards with a 3% processing fee. You do also have a option to pay in cash.

LiveryAccess does not have hidden fees. We show you your estimated total upfront, which includes all charges with the exception of wait time, stops, parking or tolls, which cannot be calculated until the ride is complete.

LiveryAccess's fares are based on distance calculations from the pick-up to drop-off location. To get a quick estimate of your ride, please visit and enter your ride details with the date and time you will need the service.

We understand like any other job, drivers deserve because they work had too, trust us when we tell you driving is not an easy task, specially when they are driving non stop 8 to 10 hours a day and going through rush hours. So we take good care of our drivers, we give them 20%, which is separate from the base rate, so that 20% goes traight in drivers pocket. But if you want to tip extra, that is always appreciated by the drivers and we don't mind at all.

Fees incurred during the ride cannot be estimated beforehand, so you'll see them only on your final bill. Any wait time, additional stops you request and tolls will be reflected on your final bill. See more on our policies for wait time, stops and tolls.

Best thing about an hourly job is, you dont have to worry about getting late, you will be billed according to the type of vehicle you choose when you book a reservation and the total number of hours the service was utilized for.

Yes, but please be aware after the wait time grace period you will be charged wait time. With an airport pick-up, if you've provided us with your flight information we will track your flight, in an effort to help you avoid wait time fees. Our industry leading grace periods are: 30 minutes for a domestic flight/cruise terminal pick-up, 60 minutes for an international flight pick-up and 10 minutes for anywhere else. After the grace period expires you will be charged wait time. Our wait Time is $1/minute. We will try to reach you several times before completely canceling your ride. Once your grace period has ended we will wait an additional 60 minutes, reach out to you once more and then we will cancel the ride. You will then be responsible for the base fare, wait time fees.

Yes our driver can accept cash for the total fare and any extra tip that you wish to give.

Upon confirmation of your reservation, we will charge you in full just to book your spot for that particular date and time for that specific vehicle that you choose. Any additional charge incurred from tolls and wait time will be billed accordingly, rest assured we do not have any hidden feed or charges.

You will receive a receipt via email within few hours. If you do not receive a receipt, you can definitely contact us. You can also print ride details from the "My Dashboard" section of our website. Ride Details reports are updated 24-48 hours after a ride and will reflect final charges.

Either way we will have your Flight details when you create the reservation and we will at all times track your Flight.

Upon your arrival, please make sure you turn your cell phone ON. Your driver will get in touch with you shortly after your flight will arrive. If you ordered a curb side pick up, right after you will collect your bags, you will let them know and they will come and pick you up by the second curb side under pickup zone, normally the Door No is listed on the first curb exit doors in big fonts. If you ordered Meet n Greet also known as Inside Pickup then the driver will meet you by the baggage carousel assigned by your airline with your Name Sign..

Yes please bring your own child seat.

Laws vary by state, so you should know and comply with the legal requirements..