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Limo Luxury Transport Services In Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia

  • 01. Client assures that there will be no smoking or illegal drugs in our vehicle(s).
  • 02. Client agrees that the passenger capacity of vehicle provided shall not be exceeded.
  • 03. In case of misconduct by your party, chauffeur has the right to terminate this agreement without any refund.
  • 04. Any broken glasses there will be a charged of $7.00 per glass.
  • 05. Client is responsible for damages to the vehicle by his/her party during service, wheter willfully or not. $250 clean up fee for vomit no exceptions.
  • 06. Under no circunstances should client or guest open or stand out of sunroof.
  • 07. Once the reservation is made, there will be a charge of $25.00 for any change to routing requested.
  • 08. By giving my credit card I authorize LiveryAccess to charge me Applicable fee for the reservation prior to my pickup in advance to book my spot.
  • 09. All overtime is charged by the hour not prorated per minute. Overtime rates are non-negotiable and will be charged to the customer according to the GPS tracking report for each limousine. Chauffeurs' do not have the abillity to waive overtime for any reason.
  • 10. I totally understand that if i cancel the reservation after the 12 hour period of making reservation, i will be charged the base rate excluding gratuity and other applicable fees.
  • 11. We are not responsible for any items left in our limousines.
  • 12. Client understands that there could be unforeseen traffic and severe weather conditions which can delay travel time and/or cause a malfunction to the vehicle. In any events that are beyond our reasonable control, we will do our best effort to provide a comparable replacement vehicle, if customer refuses a replacement vehicle then no refund will be made. If customer decides to continue with the service regardless of any issue that the limo might have at the moment of service, then no refund will be honored. In the case that we are unable to provide an alternate comparable vehicle, then customer will be charged only for the time that the vehicle was used.
  • 13. Customer understand that our grace period is 60 minutes for International Flights and 30 mins for domestic Flights after Flight lands. Any wait time after that period is charged at $1/minute.
  • 14. Customer Agree that we will charge your card in full upon confirmation of reservation to book your spot for that particular date and time. Any additional charge like Tolls and wait time will be charged accordingly.
  • 15. Reservation can be cancelled within 12 hours period, after that there will be ProRated Fee charged.