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Dulles International Airport


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Dulles International Airport

Dulles International Airport


Washington Dulles International Airport is located in Dulles, Virginia and, despite only being open since 1941, it has become one of the biggest major international airports in the world! Dulles International Airport got its name from President Eisenhower's Secretary of State, John Foster Dulles, and is widely known for its futuristic outside appearance and historic atmosphere.

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Dulles International Airport is built on a foundation of almost 12,000 acres, so this airport is pretty massive to say the least. The airport has a total 38 airlines and 139 airline gates, offering 79 nonstop US destinations and 47 nonstop international destinations. They serve more than 55 million passengers each year; that's over 150,000 passengers everyday! One of the best things about this airport is that, even though they serve so many passengers, they are still known as one of the friendliest, most organized airports in the country!


There are 5 parking options available as well as an electric vehicle charging station. Over the last few years, Dulles increased their available parking by a whopping 111%, leaving 24,000 public parking spaces which, is extremely beneficial when it comes to high traffic times.

Every once in a while, you will find yourself in a situation where your car won't start or your tire is flat. That's okay though, because Dulles offers 24/7 vehicle and passenger assistance for FREE!

The Pay & Go parking system that Dulles has implemented makes it quick and easy for passengers to exit all parking facilities which also helps to eliminate extra traffic and wait time. This is especially exciting for those who travel frequently and just want to get home!


Free shuttle buses are available as well as rental car companies located on the grounds of Dulles. Direct transportation via the Silver Line Express Bus is offered to and from the terminal. Also available is the shared ride van which takes you the Washington DC metro area, Virginia, and Maryland.

Dulles International Airport recommends that passengers arrive 2 hours prior to departure for domestic flights and 3 hours prior to international flights.


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There are a total of 18 unique shops, restaurants, and bars inside of Dulles International Airport. Below is a list of a few popular stops, but you can grab the full printable directory HERE.


The Firkin & Fox

Known as the place to go after those long security lines, The Firkin & The Fox is the perfect place to chill and hang out. It has a laid back, sports bar environment that offers quick bites to eat and s generous selection of draft beer.

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The Kitchen By Wolfgang Puck

If youre nervous about flying or need to kill some time before a flight, The Kitchen By Wolfgang Puck has a full bar that accommodates every personal drink preference. It is the newest restaurant with a very casual and welcoming environment.

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Nowadays, you can't even think about traveling without the necessary electronics like cell phones and chargers. But, just in case you forgot to grab your headphones from your night stand, Bluwire has your back! So just in case you forget that one piece of tech, stop at this brightly lit electronic accessory store!

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Be Relax Spa

What's an airport without a spa? Be Relax Spa offers spa and beauty services to stressed out passengers daily! Having a bad day? Need to spice up your fingers? No problem! Get a massage, manicure, and much more right inside the airport!

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Luv N Berry

If you're craving something sweet on a hot summers day or, even a cold winter night, Luv n Berry is the perfect stop for all your sweet tooth needs. Help yourself to a frozen yogurt and top it off with one of their wide selections of fresh toppings!

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Its tough to travel with kids, which is why Dulles International Airport offers FunWay! FunWay is an airport themed kids play area with over 100 games, a sliding board, and also a charging station for parents. There are also 8 nursery rooms available for when you just need some time to yourself or, maybe to change a diaper.


Have you ever thought of having a birthday party at an airport? Probably not. But, maybe you should! Birthday parties at Dulles Airport are super fun for kids and also extremely safe. If your child likes scavenger hunts, making paper airplanes, airplane bingo, and other fun party games, then check out one of these birthday party packages that Dulles has to offer!


This may sound boring but, its not. Student tours teach kids about the safety of airports, how to prepare for a flight, and also get a demonstration of the k-9 explosive team led by the MWAA police squad. For more information about student tours, click HERE.