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Washington DC National Mall


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Washington DC National Mall

Washington DC National Mall
Considering Washington DC National Mall as your destination for your next tour is going be a fantastic decision as you are about to experience the outstanding glamour and beauty of America's most visited national park where the rich history of America is well-preserved.

The sight of the National Mall immediately draws you to the remembrance of significantly historical experiences of the American people.

In this article, I’m going to share ideas on how you get the best of your tour to Washington Dc National Mall. You should have it in mind that you are visiting one of the best malls on the continent and it’s nice to have the most memorable experience. Therefore, this article is intended to help you make adequate preparation as you embark on a tour to America’s front yard. The recommendations made here will enable you to have a hitch-free experience as you explore America’s most beautiful park.

Washington DC National Mall is surrounded by the stately U.S. Capitol Building on the east end and the most distingue Lincoln Memorial on the west end. You are compelled to appreciate the dignified labor of America's heroes past in securing freedom, justice, and democracy for all at your first sight of the replete monuments and memorials in the mall.

The national mall is located in Washington Dc, conspicuously occupying the central position in-between the U.S. Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial. You can contact LiveryAccess on how to get your way to various exciting places in the mall. LiveryAccess is a group comprised of highly-skilled automotive experts who know the transport industry like the back of their hands. They are the best when it comes to proving world-class service in the transportation and Washington DC tour.

Once you are at the Mall, you will find different amazing and inspiring monuments, memorials, museums, and other fascinating structures in the park. Each of the monuments and memorials in the park was built to honor the American founding fathers and other selfless leaders who had made ultimate sacrifices in service to their fatherland.  The mall is the national stage where major national events and movements take place.

Places to Visit on the Mall

To make your experience a fabulous one, you can visit different world-class museums that lie at the east of the Washington Monument. One of these historically relevant museums is Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture which is the latest addition to the Mall’s impressive lineup of museums. This museum houses several statues, artworks and other antiquities that bring to remembrance the experiences of slavery, freedom, and justice for the African American people.

The Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture is situated at 14th Street along Constitution Avenue North West on the National Mall. It is the first and only national museum entirely dedicated to documenting the experience, life, culture, and history of the African American people in the country. Admission into this museum is free but has been in increasingly high demand since the facility opened on September 24, 2016. To regulate the number of people visiting the museum, timed passes are required to enter.

The museum is open from 10am-5:30 pm throughout the year except on the Christmas day.

You can get to the museum via Metrorail, and the closest metro is Federal Triangle on the Blue, Orange and Silver lines. The facility is handicap-accessible.

Apart from that, you can also visit the United States Holocaust memorial museum which depicts the fragility of freedom. Also, you may be interested in visiting the National Gallery of Art where a plethora of artistic creations is on exhibition to make your tour an eternally refreshing one. At the gallery of art, you will be thrilled to catch a glimpse of the original Da Vinci, and Van Gogh works. The national gallery of art is located on constitution avenue North West between 3rd and 9th streets North West.

The Gallery preserves, collects and exhibits astounding works of art from different countries of the world, cutting across different epochs. It houses various galleries such as Sculpture Galleries that have more than 900 pieces from the permanent collection dating back to 12th century. Also, you can see Nineteenth Century French Galleries that features artistic works such as Monet, Renoir, Cezanne, Van Gogh, Gauguin, etc.

You wouldn’t want to miss the captivating sight of National Air and Space Museum located on Independence Avenue at 6th Street Southwest. Admission is always free, and you can visit the museum from 10am-530pm. However, the museum stays open until 7:30 pm during its extended spring and summer hours. At National Air and Space Museum, you have the opportunity to run your hand over moon rock and experience extraordinary aviation and space travel.

The museum also displays an array of technological achievements that have advanced aviation and Space travel since its dawn. The Air and Space Museum also features an IMAX Theater, a planetarium and a public observatory with a safe solar telescope that is capable of making you a daytime stargazer. Daily tours, as well as educational events, are available for both children and adults. The museum science demonstrations and story times are for younger children.

The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial is located along the National Mall's Tidal Basin in between the Martin Luther King, Jr. and Jefferson memorials. The memorial was opened to the public in 1997 with the National Park Service saddled with the responsibility of maintaining it. Just like all other monuments and memorials on the National Mall, the FDR Memorial is free and open to the public. Also, the Memorial is handicap-accessible.

One of the most captivating scenery at the Memorial is the four outdoor rooms that are significantly symbolic of Roosevelt’s four terms as president of the United States of America. The waterfall and fountains in the places which symbolize the crash of the economy that led to the Great Depression; the dam-building project during his tenure as well as the chaotic falls at varying angles which signify World War II; and finally, a still pool for Roosevelt's death.

Another sight you wouldn’t like to miss on the National Mall is the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. The Memorial pays tribute to the brave officers of the U.S. Armed Forces who fought in the Vietnam War and were killed or missing in action. It comprises three separate divisions: The Three Soldiers statue, the Vietnam Women’s Memorial and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, which is the widely known Memorial.

The Memorial presents the National Mall with the most charming scenes. One of them is the Memorial’s most renowned wall which has a defining characteristic that enables a visitor to see their reflection at the same time as the engraved names, connecting the past and the present like few other monuments can.

The gist of the National Mall isn’t complete until we talk about the Washington Monument. The Monument is currently closed until spring 2019 for renovations that will modernize the elevator and improve the long-term reliability and safety visitor and workers enjoy in the Monument.

The Monument was built to immortalize George Washington, the commander-in-chief of the Continental Army and the first President of the United States. The Washington Monument was once the tallest building in the world at just over 555 feet. The admission to the Monument is free and open to the general public. The Monument is located in the center of the National Mall between the U.S. Capitol and Lincoln Memorial.

The easiest way to get to the monument is by riding the Metro.  If traveling by bus, take DC Circulator National Mall route or ride Metrobus routes 32, 34 or 36. If driving, visitor parking is available on Ohio Drive, between the Lincoln and Jefferson memorials. Note that street parking is often limited near the National Mall.

The National World War II Memorial is another fantastic historical structure built in honors of the 16 million people who served as part of the American armed forces during World War II. This figure includes more than 400,000 individuals who gave the ultimate sacrifice in defense of the country. The memorial is located along the central vista of the National Mall, at the east end of the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool.

The World War II Memorial is free and open to the public 24 hours a day. Park rangers are on duty to attend to you anytime from 9:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day. Also, interpretive programs are provided throughout the day and upon request to break every language barrier that can deprive you of maximum satisfaction. The most convenient way to reach the World War II Memorial is via Metrobus or Metro.

The grand Lincoln Memorial towers over the Reflecting Pool, is located at the western end of the National Mall. The best way to access the memorial is from the east where the Washington Monument and the National World War II Memorial are situated. The Lincoln Memorial is built to immortalize President Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of United States.

The Lincoln Memorial is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Rangers are on duty from 9:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day. The easiest way to get to the Memorial is via Metrorail or Metrobus. You can contact LiveryAccess for the best professional advice on transportation around the Mall.

Where to Stay

In case you are from a distant place and you want to spend days or sleep overnight, there are beautiful hotels is the park. One of the famous hotels in the area is the brand new 13-story, a 214-room hotel, located in the South West area of Washington, DC. Hyatt was opened in late 2015 Place Washington DC/National Mall and situated in the fastest developing neighborhood in DC.

The hotel is renowned for having spacious guestrooms with state-of-the-art media center; free hotel-wide WiFi, Kitchen Skillet hot breakfast, 24-hour Stay-Fit gym, Coffee to Cocktail Bar featuring our 24-hour Dining Menu/Café and many more. Besides, the hotel has a standard outdoor pool.

The Hilton Washington DC National Mall has an unrivaled location very close to the U.S. National Mall. Hilton opens in summer 2018, with a modern flair that incorporates a contemporary design, ideally suited for today’s business and leisure travelers alike. The hotel features 367 Guestrooms, including 18 suites & a Presidential Suite.

Hilton Washington DC National Mall Hotel is adjacent to the L’Enfant Metro Station, so guests are just an elevator ride from one of DC’s largest & most convenient metro stations! Also, the Hilton Washington DC National Mall offers multiple dining experiences which include a full-service restaurant with private dining space, three meals a day, farm to table local specialties. Their café and Market Place open 24 hours with food & beverage, sundry, Premium coffee, bakery, and seating for up to 28 people. Chic Lobby Bar with handcrafted cocktails, serving small plates are also available at Hilton Washington DC National Mall Hotel.

Where to eat

Finally, you don’t need to bother on where to eat good meals on your arrival at the National Mall. Here are some locations where you can visit for delicious and affordable meals.

Visitors can find a quick, delicious meal at the Lincoln Memorial (two locations), located across the American History and Natural History museums, at the Tidal Basin and the Jefferson Memorial, across from the Air and Space Museum and the Arts and Industry Building, and overlooking the lake at Constitution Gardens.

Also, local, all-natural, organic, sustainable, made from scratch foods including BBQ beef brisket, rotisserie chicken, burgers, pizza, hot dogs, gourmet sandwiches, house-prepared soups, fresh salads, organic fruit, bottled and fountain beverages, and homemade desserts.

Catering by Restaurant Associates is one of the premier full-service caterers in the DC area. Their chefs use fresh, locally-produced ingredients to customize their menus and create memorable experiences for you and your guests. They are also available for any event at the National Museum of Natural History.

Looking for Deserts? George town cupcakes in George Town, its too packed then hardly a block away District of Columbia has to offer Sprinkles Cupcakes.

With the information contained in this article, you are guaranteed of a memorable experience in your visit to Washington DC National Park. Make sure you maximize the opportunity by visiting some if not all the listed places in this guide. Have a safe trip!