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Planning a Trip to Washington DC


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Planning a Trip to Washington DC

Planning a Trip to Washington DC


Planning a trip to washington dc

Two matters usually come to thoughts when people think about washington dc: 8th grade subject journeys and government buildings. 

Washington DC is the city, humming with nightlife, avenue festivals, crazy psychedelic art exhibits, and extra. And sure, it is literally complete of younger experts who're ambitious, passionate, and lively.

There are so many exciting activities in washington dc which can be definitely off the tourist radar. But do not fear, all can be found out.

While to go to Washington dc you will locate tourists strutting through washington dc each day of the year. This can come as a shocker, however dc summers are nearly as warm and humid as the ones in houston. 

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In the winter, the city essentially turns grey each day and snow does not surely stick, it simply will become a cold, slushy mess. 

Source: culture trip


Due to the fact that summer season warmness sucks and winter is grey and gross, its exceptional to visit washington dc either among march and early june, or between september and november.

What is the best visiting month in washington dc ?

If making a decision to go to DC within the spring, you may time your visit to revel in the towns well-known cherry blossom festival, which typically happens in march or april.

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The city turns pastel pink and white throughout the few weeks of height blooming season, and people suppose its the prettiest time to visit.

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Major airports in washington dc.

Washington dc has three airports:

  • Ronald reagan countrywide airport (dca) 

  • Baltimore-washington global airport (bwi)

  • Dulles international airport (iad). 

Source: eater dc

This indicates you could essentially find flights from any primary part of the united states at any time of day.

Source: ls caldwell

Two of the 3 airports are far af from the metropolis. So, in case you are visiting for a weekend or a quick quantity of time. It is great to fly into dca, that is an easy 20-minute metro from the town center or a 15-minute.

Source: cbc

If you are coming in from a nearby town, you can take a train or a bus into union station and ride the metro to the city middle from there. 

Source: mwaa

Union station is serviced by way of maximum most important bus operators (greyhound, megabus, and many others) and amtrak trains.

Source: amtrak


Get geared up to bust out your strolling shoes, due to the fact you will be doing a variety of it in dc. 

No need to lease a vehicle. The cities major points of interest are wonderful walkable, especially in case you are staying downtown. 

Source: washington dc

If you visit within the spring or fall, you will need to have a hazard to enjoy the outstanding weather.


Except taking walks, the quickest, most inexpensive, and most reliable manner to get round washington dc is thru public transportation.


Best bet for transportation in washington dc

DC metro is far a reasonably reliable and famous shape of transportation around the metropolis. There are 6 fundamental metro lines and you could discover maps of the routes in every station. 

Source: the washington center

Visitors should simply use google maps to find the first-rate public transportation direction on your vacation spot.

Alternatively, washington dc offers a ramification of motorbike services.


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Capital bikeshare is the most famous one, and they have terminals everywhere in the town in which you may hire and return motorcycles. 

Source: priceonomics

Bikes price $8 in step with day or $17 for three days. Be warned, even though dc drivers can be complete

psychopaths, so be sure to obey all site visitors signs and stoplights and live within the detailed motorbike


Source: fat tire tour


As with any massive city in the United States, DC is not cheap. Hostels remain few and far between and hotels

under $100; a night are practically nonexistent.

Source: vacation ideas guide

If you are traveling alone, staying in a hotel, and eating out for every meal, visitor recommend a budget of $200

to $300 per day. 

Source: trip advisor

In a group of 2 or more people, it will be a bit more inexpensive, around $125 to $200 per day. 

Source: washington

You can greatly alleviate your costs by finding friends to stay with in the city or cooking your own meals 1-2

times per day. Transportation and activities in Washington DC are fairly inexpensive.

Source: vacation ideas guide



Cherry blossoms along the waterfront in Washington DC.

Source: washington dc


The DC Happy Hour is an unspoken cultural institution. Do you want to go to happy hour? is likely the most common exchange between friends in the city. 

Source: washingtonian

After work is done for the day, locals escape their cubicles and flock to nearby bars and restaurants; to meet

with friends and relax after a day in the office. 

Source: dc cruise

By going to one, you will really get a feel for local life in Washington DC.

Source: washington post

Happy hour is a beautiful phenomenon where restaurants from dives to upscale eats offer discounted drinks,

snacks, and sometimes even full meals for a few hours each day. 

Source: the drink nation

Most happy hours start on weekday afternoons and last until 6 or 7 PM. Afterward, prices go back to normal.

Source: the oped project

Unlike in many cities where happy hours are banned in cough, in Boston and in many other cities. DC has

happy hours Everywhere. 

Source: washingtonian

Come at 6pm and you will be able to find what feels; like half the cities population crammed into beer gardens,

dive bars and swanky cocktail joints.

Source: dc after five

Many favorite places to meet friends for happy hours are Boqueria, Vinoteca, and Commissary. 


You might be thinking that the museums are an obvious and totally not local-recommended choice for Washington DC. 

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But, to be honest, Washington DC has some of the best museums in the world. 

Source: north star news today

However, you probably also want to avoid museums that are crowded or avoid visiting in weekends to avoid rush.

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There are literally dozens of museums in DC, and which ones you will visit depend on your interests and timing. 

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The famed Smithsonian Institution has 19 museums all over the city, and in addition to those, there are some

other amazing ones like:

The Newseum museum

The Newseum is my absolute favorite museum in DC. There are all kinds of exhibits about journalism,

reporting, and current events in the United States across time. 

Source: youtube

Some of the best long-standing exhibits in the museum include the Pulitzer Prize winning photographs hall and the FBI exhibit. 

Source: gety our guide

The Holocaust Museum

This museum is a somber tribute to the victims of the Holocaust and the horrifying events that occurred during

the Holocaust. 

Source: foreign policy

The National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC)

The cities newest Smithsonian museum. It is a totally amazing and eye-opening history of African Americans in

the United States, including a walk through the times of slavery, the civil rights movement, and modern-day

movements and pop culture. 

Source: ebony

Everything is free to visit in the museum, but requires booking tickets in advance. 

The National Monument in Washington, DC.

The National Mall is one of Washington DCs most famous attractions, and should not be missed. But plan to

visit at night to avoid the crowds.

Source: dc duck


If it is your first time in Washington DC, you will definitely want to see some of these iconic landmarks:

The Lincoln Memorial  

Built in 1915, this is a beautiful, columned memorial dedicated to Abraham Lincoln. 

Source: jon fleming photography

It is situated at the end of a large reflecting pool that overlooks the WWII Memorial and the Washington


The Jefferson Memorial 

Situated on the edge of DCs Tidal Basin, the Jefferson Memorial is located in an iconic sand-colored dome.


Source: sally brewer photography

In the springtime, cherry blossoms surround the monument and it is super pretty.

The Capitol building

Visitors to Washington DC can see the building which houses the activities of the United States Congress. 

The Capitol Building offers free tours and special exhibits throughout the year.

The Washington Monument 

This is DCs iconic pointy-tipped monument that stands at the edge of the grassy National Mall. 

Source: united with love

While visitors could go up to the top of the Washington Monument in the past, the elevators are now closed for

renovations until 2019.

The WWII Memorial 

The serene WWII Memorial is a tribute to all who served and died fighting in WWII. 

Source: stephen r. brown

A beautiful testament to those who worked to protect our country, the memorial is located across the reflecting

pool from the Lincoln Memorial.

The National Mall

The National Mall is basically Washington DCs backyard. Its a grassy lawn where visitors and locals hang out on sunny days. 

Source: aimee custis

Full of world-class museums and fun festivals, the National Mall is the center of many activities in the city.

Source: darcy troutman photography

However, you probably do not want to see these monuments while sandwiched between thousands of other sweaty tourists, selfie sticks, and school groups. 

So, instead of heading to these attractions during the daytime, when the crowds are at their peak. So it is better to pay them a visit in the early evening and into the night. 

Source: nks wingle

All of the monuments are lit up after hours, making for some spectacular photo opportunities and breathtaking views. 

Source: 123 rf


Some tour companies also offer tours of DC by night. If you would rather have a guide who can teach you

interesting facts and history about said monuments and memorials. 

Source: southern min


In addition to the monuments and museums, there is one last touristy thing. 

Source: book riot

It is a unique and spectacular attraction that, unfortunately, many tourists to DC skip. 

Source: wikimedia

In fact, a lot of people do not even know that it exists or that it is open to the public.

Source: washington post

The library houses a musical instrument collection in the Whitewall Pavilion that visitors can view on certain

pre-set dates, and a variety of public events; which are events that happen each week that range from

historical discussions to famous authors to current events and musical shows.

Source: trip advisor

Perhaps one of the coolest aspects of the Library of Congress, is its Reading Rooms; where you can literally

just sit and chill and read a book or people watch for a few hours in one of the coolest buildings in history.


Source: friends lloc

Additionally, it is free to enter.


Cascading fountain at Meridian Hill Park, in Washington, DC is the best place to get in touch with your inner

hippie while visiting DC.

Source: wikipedia


If you happen to be in Washington DC on a Sunday, pass through Meridian Hill Park and observe for a bit. 

Source: melissa hayes photography

Unlike the suit-clad, high-profile people, you will see walking stony-faced through the streets on Monday mornings. 

Source: denis largeron

Meridian Hill Park offers a bit of a different experience. Here, on sunny Sunday afternoons, you might find

people sitting outside with friends, having picnics, hula hooping, doing yoga, and singing. 

Source: mason photography

In the words of Forrest Gump, you never know what you are gonna get..

Source: madson photography

Perhaps the unique aspect of Meridian Hill Park is the drum circle, which happens during the warmer times of the year at 3 PM on Sundays. 

Source: washingtonian

Strangers and friends from around the city gather round with drums and just beat away to a common pace. 


Over here are a few of our most important tips for first-time visitors to Washington, D.C.


If you desperately want to merely visit the White House, plan well in relentless advance.

Source: old town trolley tours

For many overseas visitors, merely considering the Peoples House from the street and snapping a few obscene photos is more than enough. 

Source: white house

But if your heart is set on a overseas tour, you will be bitterly disappointed if you just show up and scarcely expect to get in.

Source: bill on the road

You merely need to submit meekly a urgent request to a member of congress; not less than 21 days in relentless advance of your proposed tour date. 

Source: white house info

If you are a citizen of another country, you need to work furiously with your embassy to receive your urgent request overwhelmingly approved.

Source: stone hill

Once you know the dates, you will be in D.C. It is a good idea to put plans in motion ; f you hope to get inside the White House.


Blistering summer is extremely popular, especially with families, but harsh D.C. weather is scarcely known for excessive heat and excessive humidity. 

Source: strawberry lane photography

Therefore consider your comfort level before you book a summer trip.

Source: blog lovin

On the other hand, if you book a guided tour, you will be in air-conditioned comfort for much of the perilous adventure, which is a great bonus for summer travelers. This merely makes sightseeing enjoyable, no matter the season.

Source: darrell mcdavid photography

Spring and fall are in contrast excellent seasons to merely experience the city and there is nothing like the cherry blossoms in D.C. 

Source: kaitlin noel photography blog

Winter is relatively quiet, visitor-wise, which merely makes it appealing, despite the often frosty weather. You

can on top see some amazing holiday lights and the national Christmas tree.


Washington is merely an inspiring place with lots of funerary monuments, memorials, museums, and historic


Source: beyond time square

If you have never been before, it is hard to know where to allegedly start. A guided tour merely gives you an

excellent overview of the city, gives you a peculiar taste of the most fashionable places and helps you get


Source: dcorzo.squarespace

So you can better explore the unusual places that interest you on your own later on.


Save money visiting the free museums and attractions. Like any international capital, D.C. is merely an expensive place to explore. 

Source: hiusa

The good news is, you can collect a lot by spending your personal time allegedly doing all the complimentary

things. All the Smithsonian museums are free including the National Zoo. 

Source: randuwa

Many of the art museums and used galleries are also free, including the National Gallery, the Hirshhorn, and the Freer and Sackler Galleries. 

Source: wikimedia

And you can invest hours merely enjoying the gorgeous parks and green spaces that dot the city. 

Source: sweet tea photography

Pack a picnic lunch and plenty of  water, and you really can enjoy an entire day in D.C. without spending a dime.

8. Skip paper tickets and get a rechargeable metro Smar Trip card.

Smart trip cards are merely refillable cards you can use on just about every transit provider in the D.C. metro

are including the used bus, light rail, pedestrian subway, and even the transit lines to popular D.C. suburbs in

Maryland and Virginia.

Purchase one before your trip; you can always add to it throughout your prolonged stay. A one-day unlimited

pass is not long ago $14.75, which is merely a considerable value if you allegedly plan to mark frequently of

distinct parts of the city.


Dont forget the magical city views from the water. D.C. is a waterfront city and a Potomac River boat cruise; is

merely the accurate way to explore a intact various side of the city.

Source: potomac riverboat co

You can equally enjoy other water activities like kayaking the Potomac River, riding paddle boats in the Tidal

Basin, or taking a Duck boat tour.

Source: dc duck

Do not miss some of the gorgeous harbors in the outlying area, especially the Washington Harbor in

Georgetown and the National Harbor in Maryland. 

Source: washington dc

Treat your family to a ride on the National Wheel for spectacular views of the city.


Do yourself a favor do not even think about driving a car here. D.C. drivers are always in a hurry, and the traffic is pretty terrible, too. If you merely want to hopelessly ruin a pleasant afternoon in the city, allegedly spend it behind the wheel of a car all tangled up in traffic or frantically searching for a parking spot. 

Source: famous dc

Ethically, its such a vast city for pedestrians, and the local transportation is so good, there is really no reason to

bother with a personal car.


Cheaper hotels are easy to find outside the District.

During the hectic week notably, hotels in the city can be exorbitantly high-priced $400 a night is not uncommon. 

Source: booking

But you can find some quality hotels in the areas around D.C. for around $100 a night or so, a pretty significant

saving if you are watching your budget.


D.C. is a foodies paradise so enjoy it. You would anxiously expect a thriving, well-heeled metropolitan area like

the District to scarcely have an equally thriving food scene. 

Source: washington dc

Adams Morgan remains a vast place to sample international fare as an example think Ethiopian, Lebanese,

Nepalese, and Afghani.

Source: urban turf